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For CME residents who are in good standing, to fire mitigate their property by removing unwanted tree limbs.  Limbs need to be stacked neatly on property by the road, with the cut end towards the road.  Chipping will be done by CUSP and resident volunteers. CUSP can accept tree limbs with diameters as large as 12 inches.  Length can be over 6 feet if manageable.  No tree roots, small debris, or anything that can hide rocks or pebbles.
 Cost is $95/hour for use of CUSP equipment and employees with assistance from CME volunteers.  You will be charged for the time it takes to chip your slash, plus your portion of the travel time.  Invoices will be sent after the event.
Reserve your spot as soon as possible, before we reach the day’s capacity, by calling Bob Hirschfeld at 720-648-3544 and leave a voicemail.
We are also in need of volunteers to assist with the chipping in order to guarantee the CUSP reduced rate.  You can volunteer  by calling Bob as well.