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Magnuson Lake Update 2
Posted on Jul 28th, 2019

Thank you for your patience this week as the Board continues to oversee and assess the situation at Magnuson daily.  We are working to expedite the scoping of the dam structure with the provider, just awaiting a firm date to be provided.  The scoping will allow the necessary assessment of the structure so that the extent of the issue is fully understood.  In the meantime, all professional advice has pointed to letting the lake drain.  Efforts to stop the water are not necessary and could cause additional damage.  
The flow of the water has not caused any damage downstream.  The uncovered lake bed does, at times, allow the smell of sulfur dioxide to emanate.  This may smell similar to sewage but it the result of decaying matter from the bottom of the lake.  As it dries, the smell should dissipate.  
Rocks are now showing themselves as the water recedes.  It is recommended that folks do not walk on the mud or rocks due to their slickness and risk of injury.  Regarding the wildlife within the water, some may flow away with the water, as has already been seen.  The crayfish that remain will likely burrow until water returns.  As for the fish, the Board has decided to allow for the next period of time the keeping of fish taken from Lake Magnuson after filing out the proper fishing permit and release form which are located by the lake.  Once the lake has emptied, this program will be eliminated.
While unfortunate, this situation does present an opportunity to address some major issues with Magnuson for future use, including but not limited to the capacity to retain water for aesthetic, fishing and fire fighting values.  The Board is considering many options on how best to proceed which we will not take swiftly.  This is a valued resource for our community and we want to ensure we are doing what is appropriate.  More information will follow in our upcoming Board meetings that can be attended in person or reviewed in minutes.
Should you have any questions about the situation, please direct them to the Board at or via phone at 719-748-3100.
Thank you-
CME Board
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